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Category: Kitchen
Brand: Comfort Research
Model: 0010050
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Comfort Research 0010050 Product Reviews

Comfort Research 0010050 Review by Debbie Richardson

this is a great buy much better than other sites we love the bag infact everyone does from 2 yrs to 60 relax and enjoy

Comfort Research 0010050 Review by Zach R

Well, I got this bean bag in the mail yesterday, and immediately had a lot of trouble taking it out of its packaging. We ended up having to rip individual pieces off of the cardboard to finally get the bean bag out. Soon after, I was flipping the bag around, and it grew to an enormous size! I am a 14 year old 5'9 kid and I could easily fit into this bag by myself, and maybe with another person. The odor that all the reviews are about.. Well there definitely is an odor, but it really isn't horrible. To me, it smells like brand new vinyl or rubber. If it really troubles you sooo much, then I guess you could spray it down with Febreeze once in a while. The interior of the bean bag feels like the foam inside the big foam pits at gymnastic complexes, just in a chopped up form. It really is very comfortable, But in the summer, which it is right now, the bag does hold quite a bit of heat. When I bought this bean bag (Wednesday June 22, 2011) it was on sale for $60. I dont really think that it would be worth anything over that amount, and for $100, the amount that it is selling for now, I know that there are a lot nicer and better made bean bags out there.

Comfort Research 0010050 Review by M. Andrews "meeha" (Chicago)

After reading nearly all of the reviews on amazon as well as other forums I decided to buy this chair. While there were several warning signs against this purchase I listened to my instinct... and boy am I glad I did!!! I am so happy with this purchase. The FUF chair has been a much welcomed addition to our home. For those of you who want to read more about this product, here's my two cents:

1. PICTURE REPRESENTATION: As other reviewers have said, the chair is HUGE. The photograph doesn't do it justice and to echo others' opinions, the woman in the picture must be humongous. I can easily cuddle up in the chair with my boyfriend. I have actually taken the chair on as one of my favorite naptime spots. It's super comfy. On the other hand, AND THIS IS MY ONE COMPLAINT, I have not yet been able to prop the chair up as it appears in the photograph... maybe there is a learning curve in properly fluffing and propping up the chair to get it to have that much stability. At first I wasn't able to prop it up at all and it was more like a giant pillow. Now that I've had the chair for a few weeks I can get it to rest so there is a decent amount of back support but still not as much as appears in the product photograph. Again, the chair is super comfy but if you need a lot of back support this is probably not for you.
2. SMELL: This was a major concern for me before I bought the chair as a lot of reviewers complained of an odd or foul smell. I have NOT NOTICED ANY SMELL whatsoever. I suppose it's possible that they changed something in the production of the chair to reduce smell or maybe I just got lucky... but I consider myself to be a person with a sensitive nose and I have not noticed any odors coming from the chair.
3. ZIPPER: Many people complained about the zipper breaking. I have kicked the chair, slept on the chair, thrown the chair, fluffed the chair, and my 200 lb. brother loves to flop his entire body on the chair. There are no signs of anything wrong with the zipper and the seams show no signs of coming apart. It is not only comfortable but it is durable.

Basically, I love this chair. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. It is nearly exactly what I was looking for and delivery was super speedy. Be forewarned about the back support issue and do realize the massive size of the chair. It is not the easiest thing to lift up and "fuf". Trust me that your 90 year old grandma won't want one. But if you want a sizeable, comfortable pillow-like chair that's perfect for video-gaming, napping, or lounging then this is the product for you. Oh, and it is easier to dismantle the box rather than trying to pull it out upon delivery. The whole experience is interesting and you won't be able to stop raving about your chair once it expands to its full size. Don't hesitate!!!

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Comfort Research 4-Feet Diameter Large Fuf Chair Royal Twill:: Description

Large and super comfortable, the Large Fuf Chair will be fought over by everyone in the house, dorm, or anywhere you want to set your Fuf. Filled with chunks of polyurethane foam that never go flat, this chair will mold to your body after repeated usage, but can be re-fuffed again and again for years of comfortable seating. Permanent cover is spot clean. Ships vacuum-packed to save you freight costs, but will -feetgrow-feet back to its original size in a few days. 4-feet in diameter, this is a worth fighting for.

Comfort Research 4-Feet Diameter Large Fuf Chair Royal Twill:: Technical Details

  • Large 4-feet Diameter by 36-inch tall
  • Fuf foam neverr goes flat like traditional bean bag
  • Shipped vacuum-packed, the Fuf will grow back to full size in a few days
  • Re-Fuf again and again for years of comfort
  • Permanent cover can be spot cleaned
  • Item Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 36 inches; 40 pounds
  • Brand: Comfort Research
  • Model: 0010050
  • Product Type: Kitchen
...

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